Welcome to Flying Cross

Thanks for visiting Flying Cross Aerial Productions. We’re new to Central Texas but not to aerial videography and photography. Our founder, Scott Hess, has been both flying and shooting professionally for over 30 years. On the shooting side, he spent 16 years at CBS in Boston as a news cameraman, and also as an uplink engineer. His aerial experience there counted for hundreds of flight hours in the company’s Bell Jet Ranger, using hand-held and gyro stabilized mounts. In 1999, he left to form a production/uplink company, Skyways Communications, which provided production and uplink services, including aerial services – working closely with Aerial Productions of Boston, MA. His experience there included shooting from a variety of platforms such as the Jet Ranger, Long Ranger and A-Star/Twin Star aircraft.

On the aviation side, Scott has been flying since 1976 and flown professionally as a commercial/charter pilot and taught aerobatics and high performance flying. He is also an FAA aircraft mechanic with inspection privileges. For years he worked closely with Aerial Productions on the installation and approval of the many camera systems used there, including Tyler, Cineflex, Wescam, Spacecam, and others. He brings this work and safety ethic to Flying Cross when operating radio controlled multicopters.

We’re now providing aerial videography and photography platforms using both full size helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, plus a selection of remote controlled multicopter (drone) aircraft. We service the industrial, real estate, commercial and film communities in Central Texas and beyond.