Collection of completed projects, selects, and behind the scenes

Nike Runners

We shot the aerials for this Nike spot on the Bonneville Salt Flats, flying Red Dragon on our heavy lifter.

Texas Rising - Dodge Ram Commercial

We shot the aerials in the video under our FAA exemption for the use of drones on closed-set film productions. Was a lot of fun chasing galloping horses and speeding trucks!

You and NI Will

Spot produced by Caroline Wallace of Region-C for National Instruments. You can see a few of our aerials shot at an Austin race track with David Garcia on camera.

Copter: S1000, GH3 Camera Gimbal

Day 5 Trailer


Trailer for the latest RoosterTeeth project we had the pleasure of working on. Shooting in downtown Austin under our closed-set exemption with streets locked up for the drone flights. We flew a heavy, fully rigged Red Dragon and Panavision anamorphic glass.

Live News Coverage

Some clips from our live drone feeds for ABC News during Hurricane Harvey coverage.

Discount Tire - Selects

Cooper Tire Test Track

Some aggressive flying chasing after cars being put through the paces.

Copter: S1000, GH3 Camera Gimbal

Thomas J. Henry Law

Superbowl 2015 Ad produced for Texas law firm. Shot in Corpus Christi and San Antonio.

Copter: Aerospatiale AS350B-3, Cineflex Red Dragon

Lazer Team Trailer

Feature ‘Lazer Team’ we worked on last year. There’s just a very short aerial scene in this trailer, but we shot some very cool stuff that we can’t wait to show you when the movie comes out this summer!






Copter: S1000 with GH4 Camera

Project Blue Eyes

We recently worked with Chaotic Moon Studios on this short. We flew our smaller rig on some ‘air-to-air’ shots with their police drone! Shot under our FAA exemption in Austin, TX.

Tyler Nose Mount Demo

This is the way we shot full size up until only a few years ago. Hard mounted camera with tilt control only to the nose of a Bell Jet Ranger.



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