Aerial Platforms

Full size turbine helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Drones

A radio controlled copter brings the ability to capture a dramatic, low level perspective to your subject, often impossible with a full size helicopter. Using sophisticated camera gimbals, live video feed, and precise camera and aircraft control – unprecedented footage can be obtained on a minimal budget.

Hollywood Lifter: For fully rigged cinema cameras, we have a Hexacrafter HO-1250L octocopter for our heavy lift jobs. Equipped with our MoVI or Gremsy gimbal, we’re able to carry a variety of cinema cameras, including Red Epic or Alexa Mini and deliver ultra steady shots with a full 1080p live feed to multiple downlinks.

Medium DSLR Lifter: Our Hexacrafter HXS-900 ENG drone is designed for breaking news and live event coverage. It will handle most any DSLR combination and provides a zero latency live feed in either 1080i or 720p. But best of all, it operates on (3) airline friendly lipos allowing us to deploy quickly. 

Medium/Heavy Lifter – Hexacrafter HX-1000 is fully equipped with HD downlink and Gremsy/MoVI gimbal, ready to fly DSLR through Red Dragon. 

We’re currently flying anything from DSLR to Alexa Mini. Our in-house cameras include GH4, Red Dragon, C300, FS5 and A7SII. We can also provide a broadcast ready HD downlink.  

Turbine Helicopters 

Traditionally, full size helicopters have been the standard platform in aerial cinema. Evolving from hand-held cameras to today’s ultra sophisticated camera balls, in many cases there is no substitute. Our full size friends include the best film pilots and providers in the country. If you need full size, we can help!